Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cooking delicious Indian dishes

         20 minutes for some great Indian dish!

Vegetable curry… Tandoori Murg (you might know it as Tandoori Chicken!) The scent of spices fills the room, and everyone can’t WAIT to dig in!
And the best part is that it’s a healthy meal that everyone can enjoy!

Mastering Japanese food!

It's not surprising why people all over the world crave Japanese food on a daily basis.  
You Lin's spent the better part of a decade studying Japanese cuisine and he is now ready to share with you all of his top recipes and techniques for cooking the best Japanese dishes. He believes that any person should be able to cook Japanese food from the comfort of their own home. 

Cooking ---Island style

I spend a few months in the Caribbean back in 2001 and the food over there was very interesting and new to me. The author of this books makes cooking look so easy and full of joy. Taking advantage of his vast experience Chef Ramas prepares dishes that make the mouths water before tasting and spellbound after experiencing it. 

Making your own wine ---- Online E-Book

I like this wine E-book, very interesting and it has been written with attention to detail and passion for fruit wine.  This downloadable book goes through the considerations for setting up a winery. You will learn everything you need on that topic (production process, designing fruit wine recipes, analysis of your wine, packaging and marketing your own wine. 
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Become a chinese maestro of cooking

All the color of china in a wonderful  book from Nicholas Zhou.  He will take you into a trip full of color, flavors and taste. Chinese cuisine is precise with the elaboration of their dishes, learn a few secrets here and there. 

Chocolate on the Diet side

Pamela Vinten has written a book about how to indulge yourself in sweet, chocolate and treats and still feeling good about it. 
You will love this book! 

Raw Food simple and fast!

Raw food really can help you lose those unwanted pounds and finally start living the life you want and deserve using simple recipes that take less than 10 minutes a day!